poetry hides

From the project:  Leaves, trees, grass and flowers, realized with square format photos , it is born “Where poetry hides”.

It happens quite often to me that all the efforts I put in expressing my feelings, moods or some thoughts, leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I feel saddened by the inadequacy of my words, realizing that I said very little, compared with the extent of my reflections.

That’s why I would go beyond the traditional concept of poetry and use it as a refined mean of expression, less rustic than prose or probably  just more aulic, suitable to express emotions and feelings. I think poetry is less demanding, more ethereal.

In the end, the conclusion I come to is always the same. I can really express my thoughts only by eluding words, in my own way, thru my shots.

My poetry is in the silence of images: the ability that only pictures have to convey as many feelings as you can get.

“Where poetry hides” is my personal message, or better say my invitation, to look for poetry in the little things, in the ones you take for granted or those you have forgotten.

This project is very similar to me, in those images I can see myself: my passion for the little things, nature, poetry, dream, fantasy, the details, the nuances, the colours, the shadows, the harmony and intimacy of the subjects I photograph.

I am constantly seeking a simplicity which is almost raw, primordial, a sort of essence of things. A concept that I try to capture thru instinctive shots, suspended between reality and memories, poetry and imagination, where intimate and peculiar details are fascinating and evocative.

To me simple is something unique, clear and essential. Absolutely not banal.