“When nature exaggerates” is a simple project.

To me simple means unique, clear and essential.

Absolutely non-trivial.

When we go walking in the mountains, in the woods, through the meadows, we don’t even try to find out the beauty, elegance and perfection of the small things around us.

Those small things want and deserve to be observed.

I spent an entire year walking in the nature of the Sesia Valley Natural Park, in the territory of Rima, discovering and photographing every detail, every “minutiae” that I had always skipped before.

Throughout my photographic project I’ve used a very wide diaphragm opening, in order to obtain a nice blur effect in the background and to enhance the details and features of that “small nature”.

I wanted those details to look as if they were in relief in the picture, on purpose to draw the spectator’s attention to those tiny, though so detailed, characteristics, in which we usually do not take any interest and that we ignore.

When people take pictures, they always look for something new, different, never seen before.

And this is understandable.

You always have to improve, get amazed, make new experiences and confront yourself.

The question I asked myself is: what do we need to be surprised? I have the feeling that we are not getting surprised anymore about nature, or, better say, we are not getting surprised in the way we should.

Small nature deserves more; on the contrary, it passes unobserved under our nose.

We are so thrilled at breathtaking views, a sunset on the beach or a snowy landscape… magnificence and majesty…

Absence of mind and routine deflect our gaze from details. So “little things” get lost.

By the way… this happens not only in photography but also in other fields.

Until today my reportage consists of more than 300 shots. Practically: one picture per day during an entire year!

The thing I especially like about this project, and which makes it so interesting and exciting to me, is the possibility of adding more and more shots as my walk continues…

The overall aim of this project is to highlight the value and importance of our territory, of the nature in the Rima area, the Sesia valley and the neighboring valleys, a very nice place in Piedmont that deserves a visit.

I have asked a few organizations to support “When nature exaggerates” as their symbolic adhesion to the project and expression of appreciation for this attempt to promote the territory and preserve nature.

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