During a hot weekend in June 2013 we got away from the heat and found “the rest, a delightful place, the amenity of the countryside, the quite calm of heavens, the murmur of springs, the peacefulness of the spirit[*], new friends and new experiences.

This project started almost unintentionally. It’s a kind of journey, a long walk, driven by my passion for the little things, for the details, the nuances.

It’s my little mania, my fixation.

I think that, in every field and every situation, we do not care enough about all that is little.

“Little” can mean: of minor importance, inferior, irrelevant, insignificant, negligible, marginal, unnecessary… but also accurate, precise, detailed, careful, scrupulous, meticulous…

I decided to convey this concept, or thought, or even obsession, through photography and nature. I want to use those two great passions of mine for conveying my reflections, which, I suggest, should be applied to all aspects of our lives… not for making people kinder, but just to learn that we have to appreciate more the little things!

My special thanks go to Daniele and Nous, who accompany me tirelessly, wait for me and support me, sharing and appreciating my project…!









[*] Quote from Don Quixote de la Mancha / Prologue

the beginning

the detail:

the choice, the concept

Nature’s beauty is teeming in so many small details, that many of them remain unknown to us. Our understanding remains incomplete and our knowledge superficial. Some details may look meaningless to us, but in nature there is nothing right or wrong.

Every picture tries to describe the complexity and the details of those nature cutouts.

The repetition of colours, nuances and weaves wants to capture the gaze and emphasize the devotion and the constant commitment in every fragment.

The choice of subjects, the range of colours and the peculiar framing are intended decisions; they have not been used to give the picture an amateur or ordinary perspective.

I often tell myself that we have to reconsider our concepts of astonishment, routine and desire.